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The Saltwater Underground Railroad was a loose network of places and people that assisted runaway enslaved Africans in their quest for freedom. Traditionally, the Underground Railroad heads North to Canada, but in this Google Earth based virtual tour we focus on the lesser known Southern railroad path from Georgia, South Carolina and Florida to The Bahamas, a former British colony where free Africans developed sustainable communities that still exist today. While many aspects of these narratives presented have been lost, and the overall story far from complete, this short tour serves as a gateway to a much larger conversation on this important path to freedom. We celebrate through this activity those individuals who risked their lives in search of liberty, and the opportunity to decide their own destiny. 

Download Google Earth and launch the tour by clicking on the button above. To begin, click Present. Navigate to each station using the Table Of Contents in the box on the bottom left of your screen. To enlarge the table, click on the three lines located on the far left of the box. You can collapse the table by clicking on the three lines. Use the left and right arrow to move from station to station. Visit external links in the text by clicking on the highlighted portions, which will open in their own separate window. Upon completion of the tour, click the button above to take the Saltwater Underground Railroad Experience Challenge and join our mailing list below.


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