My name is Stefan Moss, and I will be your conductor on the Saltwater Underground Railroad, a loose network of places and people that assisted runaway enslaved Africans in their quest for freedom. Traditionally, the Underground Railroad heads North to Canada, but in this tour we focus on the lesser known Southern railroad path from Georgia, South Carolina and Florida to my hometown The Bahamas, a former British colony where free Africans developed sustainable communities that still exist today.


This virtual tour broken down into "stations" is a part of a larger project that will include field expeditions that retrace the route to freedom, an interpretive program that focuses on the historical narratives of those who traveled this treacherous path to a better life, and a study of the natural resources they used to sustain themselves.  



While many aspects of these narratives presented have been lost, and the overall story far from complete, this short tour serves as a gateway to a much larger conversation on this important path to freedom. We celebrate, through this activity, those individuals who risked their lives in search of liberty and the opportunity to decide their own destiny. 

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